Process and staff analyses for productions in the clothing industry

The modern clothing industry is characterised by rapid dynamism and constant change.

Globalisation, ceaseless market changes, increasing cost and competitive pressure as well as disproportionately high fluctuations pose major challenges to manufacturing companies.

Investments in production facilities abroad require efficient adaptation to regional conditions as well as ongoing development of implemented systems and working methods.

Only by closely analysing all relevant aspects of the company – including structures, processes and staff – is it possible to identify the causes of existing deficits, find solutions and devise forward-looking strategies for long-term success.

We offer our customers a holistic solution with professional process and staff analyses: drawing on our years of expertise in the textile sector, in clothing manufacture and organisational psychology, we support you in determining and successfully realising optimisation potential.

Production – sourcing , service, planning and control

You need additional production capacity?

Are you a start-up looking for suitable production partners?

Would you like to restructure your procurement?

As internationally active consultants with global contacts, we have been dealing with the production and procurement of textile products for over 20 years.

Our range of services for you focuses on:

  • Contact initiation to producers in the sewing industry
  • sourcing
  • restructuring of their procurement
  • Communication with the producers
  • support for your orders
  • Production control and delivery date control

We would be happy to support you in your optimisation efforts.

Process analysis and consulting

Do you want to adjust your production to current market changes? Are you looking for an efficient strategy?

Your company’s performance isn’t meeting expectations, but you don’t know why?

An outside perspective from an independent expert can provide important insights into process optimisation and thereby help improve your company’s productivity.

We support you with targeted process analyses according to your specific requirements.

Whether we examine subprocesses or conduct a comprehensive analysis, we determine the situation together with you.

Our process analyses encompass:

  • Productivity and efficiency
  • Structures
  • Strategies
  • Organisation and operations
  • Time management and performance
  • Interim and project management
  • Process digitalisation and planning

Based on the process analyses, we develop optimisation strategies and reorganisation proposals tailored to your needs.

We also support you and your staff when putting these strategies into practice. If necessary, we can arrange quality assurance following their implementation and conduct ongoing analyses for monitoring success.

Staff analysis and development

Would you like to build a successful team in your company and require professional assistance?

Do your employees lack the motivation to adjust to necessary changes and you don’t know why?

We perform professional staff analyses tailored to your specific needs in order to reveal and further develop staff potential.

Communication is aligned with goals, while competencies are effectively and sustainably utilised.

We examine the following key areas in our analyses:

  • Organisational structure and culture
  • Staff satisfaction and motivation
  • Job and role descriptions
  • Staff layout
  • Succession arrangements

Based on the analysis results, we propose specific measures:

  • Training and development of teams
  • Personalised coaching
  • Profiling
  • Creation of action plans

Whether we conduct a comprehensive analysis or individual review, you receive a detailed results report to facilitate further strategy development. Regular follow-ups ensure successful implementation.


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