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mc-fap® , postbox 2801, 32718 Detmold, DEUTSCHLAND

Due to the CORONA crisis, we have recently started offering disinfectant alcohol (skin and surface). During stays abroad we were able to convince ourselves of the good quality and skin tolerance of MONA. Are you interested?

TIP : Original MONA desinfection alcohol

70% Ethanol-AlcoholDIN ISO 9001, TÜV Rheinland certified.

MORE SKIN-FRIENDLY than many commercial alcohols.

price drop!


mc-fap® , postbox 2801, 32718 Detmold, DEUTSCHLAND

ex. 200 ml

MONA hygienic alcohol has the concentration of ethyl alcohol, which gives it very good antiseptic and disinfecting properties (only for external use). The product is filled in PET bottles, which are easy and safe to handle and store. The closure guarantees that all physico-chemical properties of the alcohol are preserved

MONA sanitary alcohol is a biocidal product approved by the Ministry of Health RO with the approval no. 2467BIO / 01 / 12.24 and in the NATIONAL REGISTER OF BIOCIDE PRODUCTS.

Website Health Ministary:

Last status: National Register of the Ministry of Health for Biocidal Products (updated January 2020).

Last status: 19.05.2020